Happiness, Prosperity and Peace, by Aulida Valery

 »Being happy doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It just means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. ».-K.B Indiana (age 14)

If virtue promises happiness, prosperity and peace, then progress in virtue is progress in each of these for to whatever point the perfection of anything brings us, progress is always an approach toward it.’.- Epictetus

All social users can become happier by reading a daily quotes from the page of Happiness:

Happiness, Prosperity and Peace, by Aulida Valery


Happy New Year 2012, by Aulida Valery, Kolo Positivo

To all my friends, my family, my social Medias friends, my friends of fans Happiness Phenomenal. I am so happy to have you in my life; I want to know life wasn’t easy to all of us.
I am praying for people in Haiti, in Egypt, in Syria, in Israel, in Morocco, in Somalia, in Libya, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, USA, Canada, all others country in the world. I love you all.
Let’s take this year 2012 to attract Love, Peace and Freedom.

We believe in Happiness of people, there are multiple way to get it. Since 2008, we were using positive thinking to exchange with you in social media. Happiness: Aptitude, Attitude, Altitude.

January 1st, 2011 and Sunday, January 1st, 2012 is 365 days.
This is my word for you… I found it on the Web:

Life I am the New Year.
I am an unspoiled page in your book of time.
I am your next chance at the art of living.
I am your opportunity to practice what you have learned about life during the last twelve months.
All that you sought and didn’t find is hidden in me,
waiting for you to search it out with more determination.
All the good that you tried for and didn’t achieve
is mine to grant when you have fewer conflicting desires.
All that you dreamed but didn’t dare to do, all that you hoped but did not will,
all the faith that you claimed but did not have —
these slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened
by the touch of a strong purpose.
I am your opportunity
to renew your allegiance to Him who said, « behold, I make all things new. »
I am the new year.-  »Author Unknown

Get ready for 2012:

Aulida Valery, Kolo Positivo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
December 30th, 2011

Happy Holidays to all social networks users, by Aulida Valery

Happy Holidays to all social networks users and digital generation!
Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches and this year 2011 comes to an end, I take time to wish all of my friends, Facebook contacts, clients, social networks visionary, Happiness members, Multicoaching supporters a holiday season filled with happiness, energy, good health, joy, peace, love and special time shared with your family and friends.

Your integrity, your trust, your confidence, your loyalty, your friendship are priceless and have kept me inspire to search and share positive thinking information with you by using Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, WordPress, Foursquare, Msn, Yahoo, Youtube],. You’re become closer, your become my virtual family, most of you know I wouldn’t do them without you. You’re my Happy people, may 2012 bring with it love, good health, happiness, care, gratitude, freedom, respect, cooperation, success, lots of love for all of us.

I cheer you today to study the people in your life, your friends, your neighbour, your boss, your spouse, your customers, your children, your business partners. Notice what frustrates them, and eyewitness what makes them happy. Find out what they need and adapt to meet those needs. I am sure that you can do it and you will do it!

As my mentor Steve Jobs said: Our time is limited! Now, is the time! Now is the right time to take time be fill to celebrate with our loved ones, let us keep those in need at heart.

Some of your social media users need compliments and affirmation, while others simply need a little quiet time. If, you believe in God, the holiday season is the time to pray and meditate and thanks him for wisdom to handle your relationships with honour and respect.

In 2012, be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.2012 will be the year to Lunch Learning, Sharing and Coaching. Multicoaching is ready to assist you, we are open for coaches to team-up; the world is ready to accept our Support.

Pray for people in jail, pray for people in hospital, pray for change, and pray for better education for this digital generation. I see love you everywhere I go, I see love in your heart!
Remember Love is the answer.

Happiness: Aptitude, Attitude, Altitude.

Aulida Valery, Founder and CEO Multicoaching
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 22th, 2011

Creativity, by Aulida Valery

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. What counts as « new » may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as « valuable » is similarly defined in a variety of ways. [Source: http://www.wikipedia.org]

Quotation: »Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and the pupil are located in the same individual. ».-Arthur Koestler

Aulida Valéry [Kolo Positivo]


 »I get by with a little help from my friends. ».-The Beatles

To all my friends: Your Reinvention board is your Lifeline….
I suggest you to read this book:
The 10 Laws of Career reinvention
Essential Survival skills for Any Economy…
[by Pamlla Mitchell]
At the first page we can read : Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end..- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Aulida Valery, Founder Multicoaching
Visionnary of  »Happiness Phenomenal: Aptitude, Attitude, Altitude ».