Receptivity, by Aulida Valéry, Kolo Positivo

December 28th, 2011
Montreal, I was very curious to learn and share with you. This is what I found by making search on the Web:
Receptivity: Part of Speech:noun
Definition: openness
Synonyms: acceptance, broad-mindedness, impartiality, interest, observance, open-mindedness, receptiveness, responsiveness, tolerance, understanding.
From the book [you can get it free online: THE YI JING, OR “BOOK OF CHANGES
There is no doubt that the Yi jing  »Classic of Changes, »sometimes known as the Zhou yi [“Changes of the Zhou Dynasty,” or “Revolving Changes”], or just called the Yi) is the product of a long tradition of divination lore; there is doubt about most everything else.
Receptivity: Primal; penetrating; beneficial; the steadfastness of the mare. The junzi undertakes action; he is first lost and later gains his end. He takes benefit as foremost. West and south he gains his friend; east and north he loses his friend. To be at ease with steadfastness is auspicious.
The Judgment says: Ultimate is the primal quality of Receptivity. The things of the world find their sources therein, and it receives Heaven compliantly. Receptivity is deep and bears all things. Its grace is embracing without limits. It holds vastness and its brilliance is great. All types of things penetrate through.
– “The mare” is of the category of earth; it travels the earth without limits. It is flexible in its compliance, and in this way benefits through steadfastness.
– “The junzi undertakes action; he is first lost”: straying from the Dao; later he is compliant and gains the eternal.
– “West and south he gains his friend”: he travels with his type. “East and north he loses his friend”: yet in the end he will have blessings.
– The auspiciousness of “at ease with steadfastness”: responding to the earth without limits.
The Greater Image says: The disposition of earth is Receptivity. The junzi thereby deepens his virtue and bears things.
Initial Six: Treading frost; the solid ice will come.
Lesser Image: “Treading frost.” The yin is first congealing. Following forward on this Dao, reaching the solid ice.
Six in the Second Position: Straight; square; great; without practice, nothing without benefit.
Composed of the trigrams
Lesser Image: The motion of Six in the Second Position is straight by means of the square. “Without practice, nothing without benefit”: the Tao of the earth is brilliant.
Six in the Third Position: Withholding the emblem; able to be steadfast. Perhaps following after the king’s affairs. Without completion yet with an end.
Lesser Image: “Withholding the emblem; able to be steadfast.” Emerging with timeliness. “Perhaps following after the king’s affairs.” Wisdom bright and great.
Six in the Fourth Position: Tie the sack. No blame; no praise.
Lesser Image: “Tie the sack. No blame.” Careful not to do harm.
Six in the Fifth Position: Yellow skirts. Primally auspicious.
Lesser Image: “Yellow skirts. Primally auspicious.” The pattern is within.
Topmost Six: Dragons war on the plains; their blood is black and yellow.
Lesser Image: “Dragons war on the plains.” Their Dao is exhausted.
Action by Six: Beneficial to be ever steadfast.
Lesser Image: Action by Six: “Beneficial to be ever steadfast.” End by means of greatness.

Receptivity, by Aulida Valéry, Kolo Positivo